Justin R Carlson


  • Justin R Carlson
  • justin.carlson@gmail.com

Core Competencies

  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, XML, REST & SOAP
  • Bash, Perl, ASP, Embedded VB, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Python, Node.js, MongoDB

Formal Education

  • 2000-2002; AIB College of Business
    • AS - Information Technology

My Networks

Currently in Iowa


This website should be considered an alpha test.  I'm trying some concepts but it's mostly a mockup at this time. You can click the links to the right but nothing else is complete.

Current Projects And Blog


About Me

Hello, my name is Justin Carlson.  I developed this website after I started attending conferences and tweetups. I had met some people I wanted to talk to again but did not have business cards or even a need for them up until then. I found writing down my email address, website, facebook, and twitter accounts every time I met someone very annoying. Asking others what networks they belonged to just so I could try to find them later was equally frustrating.  I decided I needed a business card that listed my social networks but I found it difficult to list them all, and I realized that any changes I made online would make old cards invalid. 

I started seeing "you met" domains on slide presentations and business cards, and went to register youmetjustin.com but alas, it had been registered.  I didn't really want to setup another domain and host another site anyway since I already had some websites elsewhere. 

At that moment I was inspired to create You Just Met,  a simple site that would automatically track me across all of my social networks.  I ended up registering 9 new domains and getting a new host, but now anyone could join and create a page like mine!

What Else?

I live in the Des Moines area with my wife Melanie.

I'm a developer and open source advocate living in Iowa. I also do occasional freelance work when I find projects  interesting enough for me to give up my precious free time.

I try to contribute to open source projects I am interested in, some of which include Geeklog, Propel, Creole (hey I still use it), and AptitudeCMS. I'd really like to find an open source project to dedicate myself to but right now I just don't have the time.


I encourage you to view my feeds and friend me on your favorite social network(s). If you think this page is kind of neat you can setup your own for free! Once you do you can order some social business cards or "social cards" ( I'm still trying to figure out what to call them ). Hand the cards out to interesting people you meet and they'll be able to connect with you on your existing social networks.