Justin R Carlson


  • Justin R Carlson
  • justin.carlson@gmail.com

Core Competencies

  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, XML, REST & SOAP
  • Bash, Perl, ASP, Embedded VB, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Python, Node.js, MongoDB

Formal Education

  • 2000-2002; AIB College of Business
    • AS - Information Technology

My Networks

Currently in Iowa


As a skilled programmer I am able to work efficiently during all phases of the development cycle and produce results. I am an experienced professional software developer that has spent more than ten years developing and maintaining a wide variety of systems for government agencies, large corporations and small businesses. My specialties are problem solving, designing technical and non-technical solutions to meet the needs of the business, researching and implementing development processes, and leading teams to deliver software.

I am passionate about technology, and I get stuff done.

Career History - State of Iowa - 2001 - Present

Development 2003-2011; I was hired as a full time employee in 2003 on the application development team. I am responsible for the architecture, design, development, testing, and release schedules for a large number of applications. Some of which I will list here, many others are not public and would be meaningless to those outside State Government.

    Key Development Projects
  • Development of key technology including The Iowa Sex Offender Registry, The Iowa Accounting Enterprise's Payment Offset Program, Electronic Payment Systems, Enterprise Authorization Clients, Electronic Leave Request System, Mobile Restaurant Inspections, Restaurant Licensing Administration, Gambling Licensing Systems, Small Business Licensing System, Iowa Student Loan Gateway, Iowa Court Information System Update, Statewide Mapping and GIS Services, State Tax Payment Systems, State-Owned Vehicle Tracking and Maintenance Scheduling, Department of Management ARRA and Federal Recovery fund tracking website, Iowa Jobs Board Fund Tracking/Browsing System, Iowa Boards and Commissions Website and application processes. These are just a few of the projects I developed or contributed to, there really are too many to list.
    Key Leadership
  • Management of key IT services including Vendor Offsets, Electronic Payments, Enterprise Authentication and Authorization, Iowa School Alerts, Address Validation, Electronic Leave.
  • Provide interim IT leadership when both team leaders moved on to new opportunities.
  • Assist in rapid response situations such as the floods of 2008 and tracking federal stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
  • Engage and develop our strategic vision by combining my understanding of current and emerging technologies with my ability to bridge the somewhat large communication gap between business owners and our technical staff.
  • Mentor and lead a team of 10 people including developers, database admnistrators, business analysts and project managers.
  • Helped develop the mobile strategy for the State of Iowa. This included researching existing mobile technologies including iOS+xcode, Android+Java and cross-platform technologies such as Titanium and Phonegap. This strategy included recommendations on technologies for both citizen facing applications as well as in-house systems.
  • Promoted the use of web, privacy, and security standards including HTML5, CSS3, SOAP, REST, XML, COPPA, Section 508, NACHA and PCI-DSS.
  • Advocate the use of key, open source technologies to help save our customers money. Examples include Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP and Netbeans.
  • Lead several of our key customer projects some upwards of 4 million dollars. During my tenure I never failed to deliver a software project that had reached the execution phase of our SDLC and PMLC.

Networking 2001 - 2003; I started with the State of Iowa as an intern. I thought State Government would provide me with a stable framework to start building experience on. I never considered the possibility of it being a long term career. I was placed on a team of network engineers to be mentored by what I found to be one of the most influential people in my life. My mentor was not just a network engineer, he introduced me to Linux, Perl, PHP, and many other tools. He was an Apache committer, someone I held in great respect. Within a year I was setting up my own development servers and writing code to monitor the network. This was the beginning of my professional career.

Open Source History

As an open source advocate, I often find myself trying to contribute if I see an opportunity.

GitHub 2011; I just started learning Git and will be moving several of my projects to GitHub, which will eventually be visible here: https://github.com/justincarlson

MVCnPHP 2003-2011; My favorite OOP PHP framework. Contributed code, support, and still use it today.

Geeklog CMS 2003-2009; Contributed code and resources, ultimately mentoring as a part of the Google mentorship program GSoC.

Propel ORM~2008-2009; Contributed code and support, commit access.

Creole DAL~2008-2009; Contributed code and support, commit access.

Hobby Works History

My "day job" is often not quite enough for me to feel fulfilled, here are a few of my personal/hobby projects.

TweetsWin.com Startup - 2009 - Present; I became interested in the Twitter API in 2009 and developed a website to learn more about it. Years later the site has an active following and receives several thousand visits monthly. I've slowly expanded the functionality but have not put much work into it yet. This project taught me everything I ever wanted to know about the Twitter API.

JustMet.me, YouJustMet* - 2008 - 2009; Stood up a prototype website to handle my face-to-face introductions via a simple but effective business card that contains the url http://justmet.me/justin, slowly added a few features but ultimately lost interest in developing the project further due to other interests and/or other fulltime and part-time commitments.

PyroX Productions - 2001-2003; Maintained a small but popular code repository which still gets traffic (I'd hope so, they're squatting my domain), today. Every piece of code I wrote while learning I shared and discussed with outher developers to encourage language growth when PHP was still VERY new.

Hail - 2003; Reverse engineered and implemented the Hotmail protocol in PHP, with the goal of implementing a POP proxy for their service. Ultimately scrapped when Gmail was released.

Contract Work History

I am occasionally approached for part-time side work, here are a few of the groups I've worked with.

Farmboy Inc - 2011-Present; Working on a startup that is not yet public.

Apteno LLC - 2007-2010; Developed a variety of websites using the LAMP stack.

Freelance (self) - 2003-2007; Many blog-type sites, and small business information pages.